“HLI are a part of who new breed of UK lyricists and beat makers creating a futuristic hip-hop sound which we so desperately need.

“H.L.I. embody a spirit of creativity unparalleled in the UK hip-hop scene by exploring the farthest reaches of the genre’s sonic capabilities.”
- Tom Clements

“Not many artists have the courage to turn their gaze on such forbidding territory, and fewer still have the skill to respond in a way that is simultaneously so dark and so enjoyable.”
- Oliver Arditi

“Sheer utter brutal genius. If it’s gonna happen it’s starting at Wasif (Elai Immortal)’s flat. Recognize.”
- Mike Ladd (Infesticons & Majesticons, Fellow at the Institute for Arts and Civic Dialogue at Harvard University)

“This is a great slice of modern underground U.K Hip Hop, offering a fresh take on the sound. If you like thinking man’s beats, this will be just what you’re looking for.”
- Deep in the Underground 


Introducing HLI – Freestyle Live Birmingham